Translating KohaSuomi

This page is intended for KohaSuomi employees working with translations (which should be all of them), and is written in English just like all other translation specific info.

Getting started

Because we run a lot of features not in the current master and which possibly never will get into master, we have to provide our own tools for doing translation.

However first it is a must, to understand what GetText .po and .pot -files do and how to best work with them.
Then read the community documentation (+ linked pages) and have some kind of an idea how the community process works.


Currently all translations are on Koha-Suomi SFTP server. The translations are not coming from Koha-Suomi repository when cloning it. You have to download them and add to the path kohaclone/misc/.

To update languages with ./translate update, gettext module is required.

sudo apt-get install gettext


#Now we can start translating
#go to misc/translator/
..$ ./translate --help
..$ ./translate update fi-FI
#Then edit the .po-files in the po/-directory
..$ ./translate install fi-FI

In the future

Somebody has to come up with a better solution.