Recruiting process

This document is aimed for candidates interested in working in KohaSuomi and thus is in English.
See Issue #19.


This process is updated to reflect our demand sporadically and documents here
might not reflect our official stance
(unless explicitly instructed by us, the KohaSuomi repository-owners)


Currently our recruiting process is quite simple and is strongly based on the
candidates own quality of work, participation to the various open source
communities and mastery of GNU/Linux.

Also finding people with matching personalities is strongly emphasised.

  1. We might or might not have an initial meeting, this exchange can be done with email or phone or whatnot. We also explain (or you should ask) if there are other candidates for the same position, if you don't feel like competing with your Programming test.
  2. Programming test (ProgrammingTest.odt in our GitHub) is submitted for evaluation.
  3. Programming test submission is evaluated and possibly returned for corrections.
  4. Based on the work submitted, we proceed to the next step or disqualify the candidate (so far nobody has been disqualified).
  5. Official job interview, includes some minor Perl-programming (it is a surprise) and some design.
  6. Within a couple of days we decide to hire or no-hire.
  7. Having given the green light we typically have a trial period of ~3 months.

See also.