Komodo IDE and Koha

This page is meant for all developers working actively with source code, and want to use Komodo IDE as their preferred development environment.

Configuring the project

Create a new project

It is preferred to save the project file to the root of the kohaclone/-directory.

Configure project

Configuring the debugging environment

Remote debugging basic Perl scripts on remote hosts

  • Put this script to your kohaclone/-directory and name it
    echo "Remember to run this like" 
    echo "  ." 
    echo "Not! " 
    echo "./" 
    export PERL5LIB=/home/kivilahtio/Komodo-PerlRemoteDebugging-9/:$PERL5LIB
    export PERLDB_OPTS=RemotePort= async=1
    export DBGP_IDEKEY=1234
  • Source it to your bash environment
  • Then you can remote debug just by running scripts with the -d -flag. Eg:
    ..~/kohaclone$ perl -d misc/cronjobs/

Extend this wiki-page if more issues arise.